Lisa Le Developer and UX/UI Designer

The devil is in the details,
but the           is in the experience.

Creating a good product experience is like telling a good story.

We have to pay attention to the details, but not lose sight of the power of the entire narrative. Great experience design takes into account all of the touch-points one has with a product or service, intertwining a story together so compelling that it demands to be shared and retold. Through the practice of holistic, thoughtful UX design and the execution of beautiful UI elements, together we can create soulful solutions that will tell your story in a new way.

Featured Projects


A MERN stack single-page application where the front-end uses React and Redux. The server is built using GraphQL with a Node.js and Express.js server and MongoDB and the Mongoose ODM for the database.

UI Design
MERN Stack Development
Coca-Cola Company

3-week long research into a website redesign concept focused on aligning the design towards their brand identity and market objectives.

User Research
UX/UI Design
Coca Cola Case Study
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Samples of some of my work from the past year.

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