Developer and UX/UI Designer with a background in digital art and 6 years of retail management experience.

As far as I can remember, I have always been a creative soul. Afraid of losing that passion, I opted out of monetizing my work. Instead, I developed skills in retail management and discovered a different passion — data and developing people. Fast forward six years later. It is time for me to expand on skills like: development, training, and assessment, that I have grown in my role as a manager and apply them to my passion for code and design.

I have two loves, data and design. I like asking myself what drives people, what tools do they need, and how can I build those tools for them? Drawing from my management experience I can better address questions like what drives a company, what needs does a team has to address, and what skills can be supported by smart information design? I see a direct application of the skill set I produced while advancing through my retail to a career to the work required in code and design. Both are about tailoring and communicating information to enable other people to succeed.

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